Destiny Tour Operator is dedicated to connecting people around the world. Our best-in-quality security checks and seamless, error-free support has been designed with yours and your family’s needs in mind. Our carefully chosen features provide unrivaled convenience, quality, and competitiveness to our customers, partners and business associates, making the chosen instant money transfer service people around the world rely upon. It is therefore no surprise that the world depends on Money.

  • 24/7 Support Centre
  • Highly qualified and trained support personnel
  • Multi-lingual support associates
  • Technology-enabled payment tracking
  • Receive money in seconds
  • Send and receive money in cash
  • Direct account credit to partner banks
  • Receiver does not pay a fee
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Affordable transfer fees
  • Bank account not required
  • SMS confirmation on receipt of payment
  • Full refund upon cancellation

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call us at +0424-4020308 or +91-92 45 45 65 65.